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    'Boards don't hit back!'

    Bruce Lee

    We now sell wooden boards for martial arts breaking, check out our online martial arts equipment shop! 
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    Verve Martial Arts is an exciting NEW brand with some fantastic clubs and instructors as well as a great range of martial arts equipment!     Want to know more? ...     Call us today on 01527 558779
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    We offer some great martial arts services from fantastic classes, training programmes and equipment to practical solutions to assist with instructor club development!
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    Learn self-defence, get fit & have fun!

    We have martial arts clubs & equipment distributors all over the country, feel free to give one our team a ring to see how they can help you achieve your goals! 
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Friday 04 May

Antishock uniforms only £40 each for 1 week only!

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Wednesday 28 March

VERVE Equipment office closed Good Friday & Easter Bank Holiday

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Tuesday 06 March

Join us for our sparring workshop this month in Hagley

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'Calling all martial arts instructors'

   Imagine being able to wake up and look forward to what your work day will bring, be rewarded for the time and effort you invest, a career with uncapped earning potential as well as the opportunity of helping develop people within your local community 'one black belt at a time'!

... it is time for you to consider running as VERVE Martial Arts!

Franchise & License Agreement Opportunity

    Being a successful martial arts school owner is more than just being a good practitioner or competitor it is about having a drive to share with others your passion for the martial arts & an unrivalled enthusiasm to be the best you can be!

    Now VERVE Martial Arts is offering a unique franchise opportunity (or license as we term it) to like minded martial artists with a series of hugely successful training programmes with ongoing network of support and guidance as well as distribution rights to our ever popular martial arts equipment range!

Instructor Development

Why Invest in VERVE Martial Arts?

    A VERVE Martial Arts license agreement offers the holder the unique opportunity carry the VERVE brand, to run your own successful martial arts business in a high growth industry with uncapped earning potential! You will have access to a wide selection of VERVE training products, marketing resources, courses, seminars and workshops!

We have a number of unique training programs to suit you –

     • VERVE Taekwondo

     • VERVE Kickboxing

     • VERVE Tactical Combat

     • VERVE MMA Fitness

     • VERVE Martial Arts 4 Kids

     • VERVE Instructor Development Programme

VERVE Martial Arts Income Streams

    A VERVE Martial Arts license provides you with multiple ways to develop your club as well as methods of generating increased income streams, for example -

• Weekday & weekend class scheduling
• School holiday & after school programmes
• Merchandising and maximising of club sales
• On-going testing fees and student retention tools
• Ideas and opportunities for hosting workshops, seminars & competitions

And more ...

Still unsure?

Business Benefits - VERVE Martial Arts License

• Low investment business opportunity in a high-growth industry with uncapped earning potential
• Be part of a global brand & prestigious martial arts network
• Flexible working & work life balance
• Excellent start-up package including training equipment, marketing material, training manual with programme guidance and integration
• On-going training & business development support
• Editable club section of our website which incidentally, will be advertised in national magazine Martial arts Illustrated four times per year
• Season marketing material and ideas for promotions

And more ...


How much will it cost to get started?

Not as much as you may think is the truthful answer, each training programme is priced differently and based on your specific club needs

    Each VERVE Martial Arts programme includes 2 days of training a handbook / manual / handouts regarding integration, a selection of VERVE branded training products to suit the programme and tools to start with promotions.

    Don't forget you will receive great discounts off VERVE branded equipment and merchandise which in almost every case pays for the initial programme fee within 6 months! 

Verve Kickboxing

What experience do I need?

    It really depends on the programme you are looking to offer, a solid background in the martial arts, fitness or boxing industry is preferred but all cases would be looked at individually
Can I teach in my Town?

    Yes as long as we do not already have a VERVE Martial Arts school in that postcode area. Please check the website to see if there is already a school in your area and if so, you can open a school in a town as close to your local area as possible but with a different postcode.

Do I need to take on a full time venue?

    No not necessarily. We have instructors running from their own super sized 5800sqft premises others simply hire space at sports centres and village halls! We have the experience to show you the both methods of business ownership.

Is there a limit to the number of classes or programmes I can run?

    No. You can run as many under the VERVE Martial Arts banner as you wish to. In fact, we will actively encourage those who wish to expand and grow their school base as much as possible.

How long will it take to start earning money?

    It depends on how you invest your efforts, usually three months after the initial launch and the eanrnings will really be determined by the time and effort invested as well as the structured resources VERVE Martial Arts has to offer!

So what are the next steps?

    If you would like to be part of the prestigious VERVE Martial Arts network then feel free to contact one of our support team and take a meeting with one of our programme directors.