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Wednesday 28 March

VERVE Equipment office closed Good Friday & Easter Bank Holiday

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Tuesday 06 March

Join us for our sparring workshop this month in Hagley

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Thursday 01 February

NEW Zip Uniform now online

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Training Programmes

VERVE Taekwondo


    Imagine an activity that has the opportunity to develop more than just the ability to kick and punch but to encourage confidence, focus and discipline!

    Our VERVE Taekwondo programme is a Korean system of martial arts training which focus' on traditional values including the courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit!
    Learn about the history of the art as well as the country of origin, understand technical theory as well as the practical training elements of practical self-defence skills, pad and bag work, board breaking, Korean patterns and much more!



VERVE Kickboxing




    Ever fancied doing the martial arts but just wanted to hit pads, workout and relieve stress? Well our VERVE Kickboxing programme is a sport based training system which includes plenty of kicking and punching pads, fitness & conditioning as well as the opportunity to train and compete on a regional, national and international level!

    So whether your goal is to compete, loose weight or just meet new people, give a VERVE instructor a call today!




VERVE Tactical Combat


    There are many fanastic forms of martial arts world wide some that involve throwing and some that involve high kicking ... but with all styles the primarily connecting element is the guidance & ability to defend yourself!

    Tactical Combat is a specifically design self-defence system with a simplistic 'no messing' approach meaning that anyone and everyone can benefit from the programme!  

    So, in todays society where crime rates are high and antisocial behaviour is rife, develop confidence, empowered self belief and learn the practical self-defence skills that may just save your life as well as accompanying family and friends!

 VERVE Tactical Combat



    Whatever your goals when working out, whether it be to increase size and strength, looking to increase speed and stamina or just to beat away the stresses of the week. VERVE MMA Fitness is a great way to achieve your goals!

    Admittedly, to get into good physical and mental shape will require dedicated work but the MMA Fitness instructors will motivate you, create a fun and friendly environment and ensure you are being the best you can be!

    For those looking for a challenge or to mark their fitness gains and goals? Why not take part in our fun MMA Fitness challenges, from our immortals series; the Hercules, Hades and Ares, or Olympian to our  armed forces series!

More details available from your local instructor!


VERVE Martial Arts 4 Kids

   One of the most imortant elements of any martial arts club is its class scheduling & the ability to offer a specific focus on key age demographics and abilities!

    Our VERVE Martial Arts 4 Kids programme is based on the development of key life skills and offers a structured training syllabus which lays out drills & skills for the encouragement of confidence, self-esteem, speed, strength, balance, co-ordination and more!

    In addition, our kids programme includes 'fun-stuff' to help grow your class - access to birthday party packages and promotions as well as the VERVE Wars soft play NERF guns games & resources! 


VERVE Instructor Development

    VERVE Instructor Development Programme is specifically designed to take a white belt beginner student through to a VERVE club owner and even to a licence holder. It runs in line with existing training under a certified VERVE instructor and carries the following structure -

Under 14's  

VERVE Junior Team Leader Course

15yrs and above

Level 1 - VERVE Assistant Instructor Course
Level 2 - VERVE Instructor Course
Level 3 - VERVE Club Owner Course


    All course notes, resources & overhead projector presentations are included as well as a schedule for staff training and continuous improvement!