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    Verve Martial Arts is an exciting NEW brand with some fantastic clubs and instructors as well as a great range of martial arts equipment!     Want to know more? ...     Call us today on 01527 558779
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    We offer some great martial arts services from fantastic classes, training programmes and equipment to practical solutions to assist with instructor club development!
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    Learn self-defence, get fit & have fun!

    We have martial arts clubs & equipment distributors all over the country, feel free to give one our team a ring to see how they can help you achieve your goals! 
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VERVE Equipment office closed Good Friday & Easter Bank Holiday

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Join us for our sparring workshop this month in Hagley

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Testimonial - L. Howey

Great instructors, great products & a first class service!

L. Howey - Bromsgrove


Testimonial - L. Harrison


    Several years ago my father joined Verve Taekwondo in Bromsgrove with a couple of friends. Desperately trying to keep it a secret from his children he wanted to achieve black belt before letting us know about his hobby. Unfortunately for him we rumbled his secret while he was still a black stripe. Fortunately for me however this gave me the chance to witness him receiving his first degree black belt at the age of 61.

    Having studied Taekwondo for a while under TAGB some time ago I had often thought about starting again but struggled to find a club which captured my attention and enthusiasm. After talking to my father for a while and seeing the enthusiasm of Mr Swift, his instructors and all his students I thought I'd give Verve a go and just over two years later I am about to grade for my red belt.

    Due to the great atmosphere at Verve and the professionalism and dedication of the staff my 8 year old daughter has also joined is now a blue stripe, my niece is also blue stripe and is also hooked on Verve Kickboxing and my fiancée has also recently joined.

    Mr Swift has also been kind enough to allow me to combine my two passions of Taekwondo and Photography, allowing me the opportunities to photograph several demonstrations and tournaments, Mrs Swift and Mr Cartwright's 4th Degree grading and also many of the images on this website.

    He and the entire team of instructors make Verve a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding place to train and meet many great people and I wish them every success.

L Harrison

Testimonial - A. Unitt


Adrian Unitt    I came very late to Taekwondo being some 44 years old when I decided to take up my friends challenge to try out a session at the Verve club in Hagley. It wasn't long before the 'bug' bit me and some 4 years later on 20th November 2011 I achieved the grade of 1st Degree. Now three of my children Phoebe, James and Alexander are equally enthused about Verve Taekwondo and determined to also obtain the coveted black belt that their Dad has.

    I cannot speak highly enough of John Swift's approach to Taekwondo teaching and through him the portrayal of the Verve brand particularly so the way in which the junior classes are delivered inspiring youngsters with a mixture of fun, learning and lifestyle. It always amazes me to see the positive changes in young people as their training progresses. Certainly my twin boys who rarely sat still for more than a minute sit and listen intently when John is talking to the group. I remember doing Judo in my younger days and finding it dull gave up - you cannot say the same of Verve were classes always seem well attended a testament to the clubs approach.

    Verve as a club comprises a fantastic group of people, it has the feel of a family and I know that I have made many new friendships there. Without hesitation I would recommend any one younger or older to give Taekwondo at Verve a go - they won't regret it.


A. Unitt - Hagley

Testimonial - S. Booton


The Bootons

    I read an article in Martial Arts Illustrated recently and it summed up John Swift in a word "Mr Verve" an accolade that he richly deserves from the sheer hard work , dedication and sacrifices he has made to make Verve Martial Arts the brand it is today.

    My children, Sophie and Tommy have been training with Mr Swift for over 4 years, Tommy age 9 is a black belt and Sophie age 11 is gearing up to grade for black belt. Both Tommy and Sophie thoroughly enjoy training and agree that if it wasn't for Mr Swift's appetite for sound family values and friendships their passion for martial arts may be very different indeed.

    Each lesson is clearly planned and delivered at levels to suit all ages and abilities, Mr Swift works tirelessly to captivate and enthuse even the youngest member's attention which is a skill worth merit on its own.

    Mr Swift is very humble and would be the first to say it's not all about him; he has set the club up, and mentored a number of talented support instructors who totally embrace the values of the club and deliver top quality lessons week after week

    The standards the club achieves day in day out, speak for themselves, whether it's training, competing or hosting an International event Mr Swift prepares meticulously and involves everyone.

    In 2010 Mr Swift was awarded the Outstanding Contribution to the Community Award by Wyre Forest District Council as a recognition for his hard work and commitment, It should also be noted that the club also participates in many charity fundraising events, raising thousands of pounds per year for good causes another string to the bow of Mr Verve.

Mr Swift, Thank You the Booton's .

S. Booton - Kidderminster

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