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    'Boards don't hit back!'

    Bruce Lee

    We now sell wooden boards for martial arts breaking, check out our online martial arts equipment shop! 
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    Verve Martial Arts is an exciting NEW brand with some fantastic clubs and instructors as well as a great range of martial arts equipment!     Want to know more? ...     Call us today on 01527 558779
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    We offer some great martial arts services from fantastic classes, training programmes and equipment to practical solutions to assist with instructor club development!
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    Learn self-defence, get fit & have fun!

    We have martial arts clubs & equipment distributors all over the country, feel free to give one our team a ring to see how they can help you achieve your goals! 
Latest News
Friday 04 May

Antishock uniforms only £40 each for 1 week only!

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Wednesday 28 March

VERVE Equipment office closed Good Friday & Easter Bank Holiday

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Tuesday 06 March

Join us for our sparring workshop this month in Hagley

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Blog - Lets Get Physical

Understanding the Health Benefits of Exercise - 'Motivation starts you, discipline & routine keeps you going'

healthy-lifestyle small

Blog - 'More than just kicking & punching'


    Imagine an activity than can develop more than just the ability to throw a movie style power punch or a super high kick ... an activity that encourages the development of the key life skills of confidence, self-esteem, communication and more.

    VERVE Martial Arts is having a seriously positive impact on so many tiers of society, here is why ...

Kids love VERVE Martial Arts


Blog - 'Develop your Flexibility'


    The physical conditioning aspect of the martial arts is infamous; the attitude, determination, focus and perseverance has been admired by many for years and the enviable speed, strength, flexibility and dexterity seemably incomparable on a number of counts.

Flexibility Training


Blog - 'Principles of Power'

Mr J Swift Downward Punch

   There are fewer personal and physical components that are revered more than that of POWER. It is well documented that few of us ever reach our full technical and physical potential and some suggest that the average person uses only 10 to 20 percent of their true 'power' potential – the martial arts can provide an opportunity to unlock this potential.